Community Breakfast – 26th of March 2024

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On a Tuesday morning, March 26th, Every Mother Knows turned WeWork in Amsterdam Zuidas into a lively centre for empowerment and connection. Our community breakfast—honoring women’s month—was truly inspiring. Let us share the highlights with you.

The event started at 9:30 AM with friendly greetings and tasty breakfast options. Participants warmed up and started connecting. By 10:00 AM, Angela Fusaro, our CEO, welcomed everyone warmly. Sharing updates on the company’s developments aiming to improve mothers’ experience within the platform and help employers find their hires faster. Updated design. New employer platform. Announcing a successful year for our certification program Workplace of Choice for Mothers.

Next up was Mickelle Weber’s enlightening talk. Her recent Tedx presentation—a tale dear to her heart—highlighted unpaid labor’s huge role in the global economy and how technology offers new opportunities for women seeking financial security. Her insights led to many thoughtful nods and reflective looks among attendees. We had the chance to take a closer look at her experience.

Following this was the panel discussion—a key part of today’s event—that featured Colleen Gallagher from SentinelOne and Jennifer Ukwenya from Workiva. They openly discussed career development hurdles intertwined with motherhood.

Moreover, the discussion shed light on job search strategies designed specifically for mothers aiming to re-enter or shift their careers—an essential insight for many participants.

This event was not only for learning but also for connecting! Fellow moms found comfort in shared stories as they networked; friendships formed over coffee as laughter made everything more memorable.

As we concluded around 11:30 AM / 12.00 PM—with our sense of community stronger than before—it was clear that this wasn’t just another gathering but a step toward empowering mothers professionally while valuing their personal journeys too!

Thanks to everyone who joined and to the speakers! For the people who did not make it, do not worry, we are planning on more events. Keep an eye out for more updates from Every Mother Knows as we continue bridging gaps between talented mothers and family-friendly workplaces because together—we flourish!




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